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Drydareelin's gallery [27/06/20 update] - 'The Emblem'

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Oh - I just love this one - the colour, the texture ..... everything is just perfectly aligned and blends beautifully.  Super result indeed.  Regarding centering your art, I usually click on the center box option before I post the image.  Hope that helps :smile: .


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@Pixey: Thank you :) I've tried centering it, and using center tabs..nothing has worked ._.'


@SAND33P: Thank you, really! :D I probably should try something relatively new soon though


@Barbieq25 & Welshblue: That really is the idea I was looking for, so thank you :) For me, achieving what my main goal was is usually more rewarding than just looking good.


@Blackpenny: Thank you ^^ Textures are something I'm generally not the best at.


@Helen: Thank you so much :)


@Yellowman: Thank you! :D The artist was glad to hear this also

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I don't know how I missed this gallery, your spacescapes are excellent, its something I have yet to create, I love the depth and the details you put into your art. Very well done, I'm glad I dropped by for a look. Top work. B)



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@Helen: Thank you so much :) I gave you a proper reply on dA so i can't think of much more to say ^^' All of your comments do give a lot of motivation.

@DrewDale: You should try with spacescapes :D Everyone I've seen seems to have their own technique; and thank you for the comment :)

@Pixey: Oh those videos :L What did you think? :) Oh, and thank you! 

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Shadow of the Giant - like it a lot but I think it is the shadows of the asteroids that throw me. Realism aside, I love the image for the colour, movement & general visual appeal. 


EP cover is just delicious! Good to see your work again.


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@Helen: Thank you! :) That was improvised so all the subtle mistake I made..well...I have no excuse.

@blackpenny: Thank you, I only do them once a month (or more...) =)

@dug: That's a really nice compliment, thanks :D That is sped up about 3..maybe 4 times don't forget; so in real time I am basically scanning the screen endlessly for little things that bug me. And there's always something at the end. Always ¬.¬

@barbieq25: Thank you so much :D I haven't really found another speed artist who uses the same music style as me, so I am unique in that sense

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