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changing the color of text added over a picture

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Hi, I'm a beginner. I' have an image that I've created using layers. I want to add text to the picture. But the text comes up grey and there seems to be no box for selecting the text color as there is say in word or other windows programs. I can only see a choice for font and size. I can't make a color window appear to give me a choice of colors. The only thing on the left of my window is the tools panel with the 22 tools in it. I don't seem to be able to use the color picker tool because I want white text and there is no white in my photo to pick on. very grateful for any suggestions. Thanks

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The color of your text will based on the primary color from the Color dialog/tool window. If this isn't showing (and should be there by default, press F8, or from the Window drop down menu at the top of the screen, look for Color F8 ...

Until the text is committed fully you can change the color and see which will work best by selecting from the palette swatches or the wheel. Not sure how to explain that aspect of text better, but some testing will show you how it sorts out. Same with adjusting font, font size, and position actually.

Hope that helps some.


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Hi Snow27,

Welcome to the forum. This section of the forum is reserved for the publishing of tutorials, so I'll move this thread to the correct area for you.

<Moved to Paint.NET Discussion & Questions>

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