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Pixel-exact selection when zoomed out

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Is there a way to do a pixel-exact (rectangular) selection when zoomed out?

e.g. I have an image that is 3000x2000, I have zoomed out to see the whole image and like to select a section that is 1280x1024 out of that image. When I use the mouse, I can't select it exactly (expected behavior as one pixel in my view is 2.3 pixel in reality) but even when I use the mouse combined with the arrow keys I get the same behavior (which I did not expect, I would have thought I could change the selection's size pixel by pixel).

Currently I'm solving the problem through selecting the next bigger size (e.g. 1283x1025), copy/paste it into a new image, then crop it to 1280x1024 and copy/paste it again to a new image where I save it. Is there a more efficient way of doing it?

Thank you + best regards


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Hi chha, welcome ot the forum!

Following on from the advice Midora gave you...,

Click and hold the left mouse button down to move the fixed size selection area around boltbait.cool.png

RE: selection sizing - the selection is always an integer number of pixels in size. The reason that you may not be able to cast a selection to a particular size with the mouse is probably due to the image zoom factor.

Try zooming your image to 100%. At this size one pixel in the image exactly fills one pixel on your monitor. You should then have pixel perfect control of the mouse and the selection size.

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