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How do I "cut a subject out" of an image?

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Hi there - I am a brand new user of Paint.Net (just signed up today) and need help already . . . ;) Based in London UK using Windows Vista home edition.

Here is my thing. I have 2 jpg images. The first image is of a badger walking in some grass, the second image is of the front of my friend's house. What I want to do is "cut out" the badger from the first image, then "superimpose" this on the second image so it looks like the badger is walking past my friend's house. By cut out the badger I mean I just want the badger in the final image, not with all the grass around him that's in the original image.

Does Paint.Net have the functionality to do this? If so, please could someone send mesome instructions.

many thanks in advance for your help

kind regards

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Thanks for this Jim - just seen it. I will try this tomorrow. However I have just noticed it keeps referring to a "SUPPR" key, eg "Press SUPPR key to delete the selection". I don't know what SUPPR key is on my keyboard? do you have any ideas?

also do you know where the tutorial is that shows me how to add the "cut out" image to anoher image? ie so I can "superimpose" it onto another jpg?

many thanks again

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The tutorial Jim was referring to is probably this one: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/13796-cutting-out-images/

Welcome to the forum alstemp!

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ok i have found something else. the original link that Jim sent me tells me to select "feather" from the object menu in tools. But there is no object menu in tools? Tools only features these as below - can you suggest what I shoudl use instead? many thanks


The last effect you have used is available for quick re-use with this command. The same settings will be applied - no configuration dialog will be shown.


The built-in effects are organized in to seven (7) sub-menus:


These give the result of something drawn with traditional artistic means such as ink, pencil, and oil.


These blur the image in various ways.


These distort or convolute the image, often beyond recognition.


These are used to add or remove noise from the image.


These are generally most useful when used on photographs.


These usually overwrite any image that already exists on the canvas.


These produce stylized looks useful in finding edges for tracing, or producing specialized textures for game development (e.g., bump maps).

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Its a plugin you need to install.

LINK: How to install plugins

LINK: Plugin List for reference on others you may need

LINK: BoltBait's Feather...

keep in mind there is both Feather Selection and Feather Object ... Two different feather implemntations, this link is the for the one listed above.

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Gallery at PDN-Fans

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