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Scripts Suggestion

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Paint Shop pro has this ability and I love it. Basically, you [the user] can create things called scripts. They're very easy to make and save time. Basically, within the program you can set a script to activate any effect within the program, with any set amounts - of the creators choice - with an end result being whatever the creator wanted to have it make.

For example, instead of going through the entire process of making lightning, one can just have it first render some clouds, then invert it, level it (with set values) and then give it some color, saving the user a ton of time.

If you want any more explanation, I can elaborate more.

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Hm...It appears I wasn't the first :-p Yeah, add that and expect to see scripts owning Photoshop. This program [Paint.NET] has a lot of power in it, it just takes tons of steps. So making those into scripts and creating an entirely new forum section for them, saves people time and can easily replace the need for many plugins (such as chrome and stuff that can be recreated through scripts).

And the good thing about scripts is that you can edit them, even downloaded ones, so you can change them to fit your needs.

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