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Changing Text on Book Cover

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How you do it really depends on the current image, so if you can post the image of the cover as it is, that would help a lot.

here's the method I would use if the cover looks the way I think it does:

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I am assuming that you've had the cover made, and now you need to edit it?

Try this thread: http://forums.getpai...29entry364829

Ebook covers are simplicity to make - why not try making your own from scratch?

The final canvas size is recommended to be 500 pixels wide and 800 high. So you should start out twice that size in your 'working' file and resize down by 50% when you're ready to save it as the final *.png.

Also bear in mind that many eReaders only support grayscale images (early Kindles et al)- so use Adjustments | Black and White (or Ctrl + Shift + G) on a copy of the flattened image to check it still looks OK.

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