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Quality of bicubic ?


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I read "Paint.NET Discussion & Questions">"Quality of resized pics could be better"

I tried to test of resize because there was little doubt.

Surprisingly,bicubic image quality is worse than bilinear.

What two names were replaced?

No, bilinear is undoubtedly bilinear.

and ,I could not believe bicubic.

I made a plug-in for test of bicubic , tried that.

Image was the same quality as photoshop.

bicubic equation is as wiki.

I do not use special filter.


What do you think?

zip is "testimage.png","testresult.pdn","bicubictest.dll" file and cs file for Code Lab.

Note of the source is Japanese.

This is for testing. not a plug-in for the general public .

After the problem is resolved, ZIP is removed."

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At first I am sorry that comparison expression was inappropriate.

Because mystery was removed, this question is over.

Probably bicubic of pdn uses LPF at the time of not only the reduction but also expansion. I guessed it from a test using CZP.

If the developer intended it, this is not a bug or a trouble.

By the way, I was four years using pdn, but hardly noticed it because I was using only reduction.

thank you

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Thanks for the reply. I had overlooked the important thing. Bicubic was not only one ! It is written in the wiki I showed. :lol:

I tested the other bicubic. And now, I understood all. Also LPF was my delusion . I'm sorry.

I look forward to pdn4. It is a fact no doubt. ;)

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Not only is BoltBait awesomely quick to recognize spam, but you should check out his games!

I wasted devoted weeks to his adventure game & now Crazy8's has me hooked.

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