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GUI unclickable - Manual termination required after file save

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First off, I love using the program, I've been using it for years now. But lately I've been getting an irritating issue.. From a quick search I'm not the only one getting this. For some information that might help, I'm on a x64 bit system.

The issue is that.. After saving a file, a majority of the time, no elements of PDN's interface are clickable. I can't click anything, I have to resort to task manager to kill the process to be able to re-open and use again. I haven't tested closing via windows task bar as of yet. Any response is appreciated. No crash logs are available as it has to be manually terminated, this is not a crash.

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More info please!

Operating System? (+ what Service Pack(s) are installed)

Image size (in pixels), number of layers and file format you're trying to save it as?

Memory, how much?

.NET framework: Which version is installed?

Are you using the latest version of Paint.NET (3.5.10)?

From a quick search I'm not the only one getting this.

Really? Can you give us an example that sheds more light on the problem?

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Result found on second page of this section: http://forums.getpai...g-crash-freeze/

OS: Win Vista premium x64 (Currently using my Win 7 system.. Haven't bumped into the issue.. yet, all though I haven't used it much on here)

SP: 2


layers: doesn't matter

image size: doesn't matter

format: usually png, haven't tested out the issue with other formats as I never use them

.NET: 4

PDN version: 3.5.10 (Always keep PDN updated)

When I say doesn't matter.. I literally mean doesn't matter - I can work with an image 1 x 25.. 300 x 72.. 1600 x 900.. The issue will occur regardless. It will also occur regardless how many images I have open.

Dummy scenario:

Open PDN by hitting edit on right click menu on image as per usual with me

Do changes to image


Bam, unusable PDN

It always occurs AFTER saving has completed.

Another scenario - similar:

Open PDN by hitting edit on right click menu on images as per usual with me

Do changes to one of the images


Bam, unusable PDN, never got to touch other images opened.

This issue has only started to appear since a couple of days ago.. I can't for the life of me recall a single update that would have went on that could do this. I set windows updates to only search for updates, it will not download and install automatically without my consent. The only updates that show in my logs are for MS Security essentials.. Which I don't even use. The only thing I have done that did system changes is running an sfc /scannow as I usually do time to time to check on issues if any.

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