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plugin: deband

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the right part is awfully banded.

if i'm not being clear then heres another example, though this one is of my creation using posterization.


the upper part is heavily banded while the lower part has a smooth transition, which is what i'm aiming for.

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Don't be so cryptic Jim - tell kitame how you did that! :D

Try Smart Blur with the settings: Radius: 6 Strength: 0.11

You can find Smart Blur in this plugin pack: Drop Shadow, Color Accent, Gradient,…KrisVDM's plugin Pack


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Don't be so cryptic Jim ...

I wasn't trying to be cryptic, it was a matter of wanting to know if it would meet his expectation. If you look at the headboard in mine, it fades out a bit and I wasn't sure if he would find it acceptable.

When I replied to his post, he was still online and after waiting about 5 min. for him to respond to my post he left, While he was still online, I clicked on his name and went to his profile about 3 times during that 5 mins and it said he was viewing the thread, but as I say he ended up leaving - and I also went to search for the plugin in the index so I could provide a link for him.

At any rate, blurring is what I used, but I used the surface blur. Though now I don't recall the settings that I used.

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@JIM: Stalker ... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

This compression effect is not going to go away easy at all. That banding is everywhere in this picture. The face and other places show it besides that light source on the right. I normally only see this from compression in format changes or in places like digital cable box captures. Digital cable and the like all compress the daylights out of even the High Definition feeds and you get banding galore like this. In this case we can assume it got thrown through the JPEG ringer probably to reduce its byte size or something.

Not trying to be dismissive, but to clean that up you are looking at a ton of selective editing. Lots and lots of selection passes, surface blur and smudge (since smudge has pretty good dithering) combos, done in layers so you can piece it back together without losing detail elements like the bed frame ... By the time you're done doing that you could almost re-create the entire thing on some levels.

Also, whatever you have tried in that attempt clean up the banding should be mentioned to clarify any further help someone might offer. The image does speak a thousand words but also leads to thousand guess as to what you may or may not have done with it.

More or less I'm in the GIGO camp on this. Your source has serious artifacts and may or may not wind up acceptable trying to be cleaned. But like any edit it's whatever you find desirable to decide upon how much effort is acceptable.


Gallery at PDN-Fans

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true at that, and it took me more than a day to even clean it up to that extent, cleaning it further loses it's details and thats bad ._.

though i've been watching some animes a few hours ago and i remembered about FFDShow's deband option, it works wonders and i wonder if it could apply to paint.net as well.

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