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Can Paint.N only save preferences for ONE tool?

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I see in the online help file, under Toolbar > Choose defaults, seems to indicate (some) defaults for ALL toolbar items. This is entirely different from colors & palettes. I can't get it to save different defaults for separate tool items. It will set a default (say, Forward Diagonal pattern), but it only saves / uses values selected on the last tool item you open / make preference changes on. It then applies the last setting(s) made (say, for an ellipse) to all other tools.

From Paint.net Help File:

This dialog may be used to set all of the default toolbar item settings. You may also change which tool is made active when Paint.NET starts up. The "Reset" button will reset all of the values to the defaults, while "Load from Toolbar" will take the settings that are in the current toolbar and apply them to the settings in this dialog. Previous versions of Paint.NET would automatically remember some settings in the toolbar between sessions, such as those for antialiasing and color tolerance. In version 3.0 and later, none of the toolbar settings are automatically remembered. If you want a toolbar setting to be remembered then you must manually change it through this dialog and then press the "Save" button.

At least one other advanced drawing prgm (Inkscape) allows EITHER setting & saving individual tool settings (of all sorts) OR using Global settings for all tools (i.e., changing one setting - via global method - changes that setting for all tools).

Is there any way to save a forward diagonal pattern for circles & solid line for rectangles, or save default for circle to draw shape outline, not filled, for ex.?


If it allows setting defaults (preferences) - at all - why for only one tool, or why (always - no other option) apply the same defaults to all tools?

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It should be abundantly clear from the other thread that was closed that this is not the way things work, nor will it be changed, nor would it make sense to change.

The toolbar items have their own values. The tools use them. There is no such thing as per-tool anything.

You already have your answer from the other thread, and we are not getting into some design decision nitpicking war with you asking "why why why."

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