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Clr20r3 error when installing Paint.NET

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I am having great difficulties installing Paint.NET on my laptop (running Vista). I had Paint.NET installed around 6 months ago, but it crashed one day, and I was unable to uninstall it, so I deleted all of the program files and tried to install over it - to no avail.

Each time I try to install I get a clr20r3 error with a System.IO.FileNotFoundException with another one of the lines pointing to the mscorlib.

I have tried every possible solution available online:

All of the tips in the Paint.NET installation trouble forum post

Completely removing the .NET framework then reinstalling

Rebooting in safe mode and trying to install

Rebooting in VGA mode and trying to install

Rebooting with no startup components and trying to install

Trying to install under a different user account

Using the windows installer cleanup utility (no dialogue windows seems to come up where I can select what I want to cleanup)

Various .NET repairs from the control panel

Updating Windows and all .NET frameworks

I have posted this problem in Microsoft's answers forum, but they have given up and suggested that I post it here (which I avoided I the first place, as I had found no solutions to similar problems here).

Can anybody help me with this problem? I really want to get Paint.NET back up and running as all other image editors are nowhere near as good. Thanks.

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Sorry, not a clue. The Windows Installer Cleanup is the hammer that fixes all, and if that won't boot up for you then maybe something else is seriously broken :(

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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I was afraid you'd say something like that.

I think I have made things worse tonight, as in a fit of desperation, I decided to toil through my registry and delete any keys with "paint.NET" in them - in an attempt to completely clean my system of any old, out of date Paint.NET related links which could be causing the FileNotFound error. Upon rebooting my laptop, ATI Catalyst crashes repeatedly (hundreds of times in a matter of minutes) with a clr20r3 error - making it almost impossible to do anything. I have a registry backup somewhere in my documents, so I will try loading that up tomorrow. Incidentally, I then booted in safe mode, and Paint.NET install .exe still crashed with a clr20r3. During this struggle, I found that I could get Windows Installer Cleanup Utility to run, but Paint.NET is not listed in the dialogue (grr).

My next course of action will be:

Restore my registry settings to circa 2months ago

Copy the mscorlib.dll file from the .NET framework folder into the same folder as the Paint.NET install .exe (I have heard this works in various .NET forums)

Look into what EULA is and try to repair that (EULA launcher, whatever that is, is also crashing with a clr20r3 error, and the word EULA keeps cropping up in file names and in other places, so I will see if this has any effect)

Please let me know if you find anything which may help.

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I used the MS .net framework repair tool.


After the tool repaired my frameworks, all of them per the tools suggestion, I still could not open Paint nor delete framework, thus I could not re-install framework.


I re-applied the repair to 2.0 sp2  using control panel/add-remove programs/ repair on 2.0 sp 2 (which now worked after the tool repair).


Eureka, I now have my beloved paint back.


I hope this helps, good luck STj.

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