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New update possibly....

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A new update that could happen is one I'm sure most of us would like it is a mixture of the tools colours layers and history into one window using tabs to navigate through them kinda like this.


Another helpful update would be that as soon as an image is pasted onto the canvas it should make a layer of its own... like in photoshop just saying would be helpful

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Thanks for the suggestion, but to be honest - I dislike your screenshot, it looks awfully confusing. It looks like something out of PS.....,

"mixture of the tools colours layers and history into one window" Not a great idea. You'd have to switch tabs to activate a different tool!

Sorry, no. I'm just not getting any benefits from this.

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The history merger isn't really the work flow helper it can be unless its the selective deletion of a step ... That's a nightmare to manage and gets confusing unless the two windows are separate. Now including more information from a step in the history so that you could see settings or the layer it was applied to would be great. I think that's what you're really aiming for. Have the history reflect the change and to what layer more completely ... Or have the layers show items from the history in some way ... I'd almost agree. Just how to display that information and whether or not it can be implemented without creating "clutter" by most people's standards.

As for the paste: Uhm, not for me. I easily enough hit CTRL-SHIFT-V to land in a new layer. And when I'm swapping around or saving layers out, the CTRL-ALT-V for a new image paste also works. There are lots of times I'm actually wanting to paste directly into the current layer. I only see that as a hassle or trade-off. (Because it would mean I'd be using the shift-v variant to paste into the active layer instead of the opposite.)


Gallery at PDN-Fans

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Basically what you really want is the Visual Studio docking view manager, which lets you combine views in any combination you want. They can be floating, docked, or combined.

I wouldn't hold your breath though.

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