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Limit Angle Chooser ?

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Yet again while using code lap (Still learning the very basics) , i had something that i can't sum up myself .

Okay , what i need to do is to force the Angle chooser to allow the user to choose one of these values:

0.00 (Right)

-45.00 (Down Right)

-90.00 (Down)

-135.00 (Down Left)

-180.00 (Left)

135.00 (Top Left)

90.00 (Top)

45.00 (Top Right)

These are the only directions i need the user to be able to get , (I Want the plugin to force that , i mean i don't want him to give -47.00 for example).

Can somebody please help me?



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Let them choose any angle using the full angle chooser. Then programmatically clip the angle to the 45 degree increments:

(chosen angle) mod 45

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It was pseudo code boltbait.big_smile.png and even then it was wrong!

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....You could use a dropdown list....

Or radio buttons (that will be a long UI).

The alternative is to use Visual Studio and create your form and your own custom angle control. Significantly more work!

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