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Completing a selection move

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The Move Selected Pixels tool :MoveTool: (or press M once) shifts the pixels on the canvas.

The Move Selection tool :MoveSelectionTool: (or press M twice) does not move any pixels, it moves the selection region so that a different set of pixels is selected.

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even tho this questions answered, till you understand it directly, can be hard to wrap your mind around, so figure another summary might be helpful

theres 4 selection methods (Rectangle/Lasoo/Circle/Magic Wand) and 2 selection tools (Selected Pixels/Selection)

Selected Pixels - affects the image itself (with move, expand, shrink, and rotate with right click tools)

Selection - only affects the blue selection area (with same tools)

and with the selection method, you can also reuse it to add or remove parts already selected by holding Ctrl or Alt: Ctrl adds, Alt removes

The purpose of Selected Pixels is to edit the image directly, while Selection just adds features to the selection methods and its intended for copying. Finishing the operation can be confusing cause neither selection tool lets you de-select the area, you first have to switch to a selection method again, and left click anywhere on the Paintnet window

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