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Does anything get you insanely happy?


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Making stuff with modeling clay :D

http://i758.photobucket.com/albums/xx228/pdnnoob/1903001_orig.jpg http://i758.photobucket.com/albums/xx228/pdnnoob/123964_orig.jpg

EDIT: For those that don't get the reference, that's Teemo from a game I used to play...

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Happens to me with cold till winter air as someone mentioned, and it also generally precedes 3-4 days of terrible seasonal depression by 1 week >_>

Fall -> Winter and Winter -> Spring cause me to become extraordinarily depressed for about 3 days for some reason. I think the change in sunlight affects my hormones, maybe causing me to become extremely happy, and then the next week it swings the opposite way before balancing out.

Unfortunately this happened to me last week while I was reading "The Hunger Games" >_> What a terrible coincidence.

Oh I also got super happy once all the ladies on campus decided it was time for short-shorts and loose fitting floral shirts :3

Edit: Oh and this :D


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  • 2 months later...

Having a good run in BF3, creating a great action sequence in JC2, making a nice picture, or having a social experience that doesn't make me want to kill myself. (Currently, at least)

The hardest part of ending is starting again. 

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Uhm... Getting a good run in TF2.

You will not BELIEVE some of the stuff I have seen people pull in this game!


me knows too... magic mushrooms were wonderful!! my cat turned into a white rabbit  :P

anyway... thought of something else, Disney classics! I have no idea why, but it started when i got preg, every time I watch a disney movie or a disney song, I start to cry because it is sooooo beautiful! just now I put on the little mermaid for my son (he already loves disney classics) and I started crying with the opening song!!! lol how weird is that!!

Breaking News: Rainbox Six's drug raid at Princess Toadstool's castle reveals several million pounds of magic mushrooms hidden behind decorative paintings throughout the area. The Princess claims that they all belong to Mario and Luigi. Luigi tried to claim that they have been framed by Princess Zelda of Hyrule, but these claims have been proven false.

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These days, happiness for me is jogging. I never liked jogging before, but it must be like the "jog is up" or something (like when the skateboarding was up a few years back) coz now when I jog, it's like totally awesome. I take a backpack with a 5lb weight in the back so I can hook my thumbs under the straps as I jog and get used to carrying stuff. It's much better than running, which gives me shin splints, but you might want to work up to it by walking real fast a bunch. Kinda like how it went with skateboarding a few years back. I was walking everywhere, then one day it hit me, hey, why not skateboard down the road? Next thing I knew I was skateboarding all over the place like it was 1987 or something.  Oh yeah, try jogging real slow too as a mental exercise.

"....brings out the duty in my soul" -Spinal Tap

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