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Grateful user but don't want to update

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I have d/l and used version 3.0 and am very grateful for such a nice program.

I didn't want to upgrade as I was very happy with it the way it was.

How can I just keep using Paint.net without having to upgrade ?

I'm old and don't like change that much. Paint.net is replacing Adobe 2.5. It has all that I want and more so am very happy with it as it is.

Thanks to all the staff for such a fine product .. Olandro

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My thanks to you and anyone else involved with Paint.net. My wife and I both are disabled and low income. We are into genealogy and it involves a lot of pictures and documents.

Adobe LE came on my 1995 PC which I have tried to keep up to date as best I can. Adobe 2.5 was a 16 bit program and doesn't work that well with XP but it was like an old friend and served me well.

I have tried many shareware or other free graphic programssince I got XP but nothing comes close to what you folks have or at least for me and what I use it for it is simply a great program.

The auto color adjustment works great and so does the typing tool... just love it. THANKS to all !


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I downloaded 3.0 Beta a few minutes ago. I'm sure I'm gonna' love it, but I was just getting comfortable with v2.72, and I was hoping that 3.0 wouldn't overwrite it. Unfortunately, it did. :( I wanted to keep both versions on my computer...at least for a while. Does anyone know if that's possible? Oh well, I'm off to study 3.0 :)

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Yes, it is possible.

Download and install 2.72. Go into the Program Files or wherever it is installed and copy the folder Paint.NET to Paint.NET-2.72 or something like that. You should have two folders now.

Then launch Paint.NET (from the original location) and update. It will only update the original copy. You will still have a copy of Paint.NET 2.72 in its own folder.

You can still drag a shortcut out of the Paint.NET-2.72 folder for launching the older version.

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