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Block Header Help?

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So I want to to create an animated header like the one on the link below. I would prefer to use Paint.Net but I also have Photoshop if neccesary. So my question is what would be the best route for creating this effect without the use of flash? (I expect that there is going to have to be code thats going to go into my website for this to happen whether that be html or javascript) Any help would be appreciated!


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You could animate it yourself frame-by-frame if you have the time. I would recommend taking a look at Simon Brown's "animated png" filetype plugin.

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to create this on pdn you will need the photos you want and a lot of patience- i would go with an animated gif ad animated pngs still arent univesaly compatable. you wouls need several frames ofthe first full picture, then start filling the next picture in one piece per frame- like a jigsaw puzzle.. once its complete, several frames of it.. then repeat


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Honestly, Flash is your best bet here. Those kind of animation involves complicated masking process, animation tweaks, and a whole lot of Mountain Dew. If you want to do this with PDN, treat each layers as key frame in animation. I have never made animation in PDN, but I believe the very top layer is the "first" key frame, and working your way down.

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