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Help about photo editing

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Hi all

i am a newbie in photo effects but i would be gratefull if you could give me a tutorial where to start it..;)

for example,i have a photo with a red face and very dark. Could help me someone remove dhe red face and adjust the lights,face clearance ??


thanks in advance.

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Fixed your image link (it wasn't showing the image).

Photo editing is something that Paint.NET does well! There are many ways to adjust photos, but here's a nice simple way that gives a good result:

1. Open Adjustments | Hue / Saturation (Ctrl + Shift + U)

2. Step the Hue slider up to between 8 and 11 (depending on what you like the look of).

3. Step the Saturation down to 74 (or again how much you like). Press OK to accept the settings.

4. Duplicate the layer :DuplicateLayer:

5. Press F4 to open the upper layer properties dialog.

6. Set the Blend mode to Overlay and the Opacity to 146.

7. Merge Layer down :MergeLayerDown:

How does that look?

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