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How to Fade a picture into black (or any other color)

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Sorry for being noob, I'm sure there's already a known way to do this or an addon which does, but I don't know where to look.

I want to know how you can fade the bottom part of a pic so it eventually changes into one complete color, you know so I can use a picture as a youtube background without repeating it ? sorry if i'm not explaining what I mean very well. could somebody please let me know how this is done?

What I mean is something like this: http://markmichalowski.co.uk/image/blue_rust%20fading%20to%20black.jpg , if you notice the bottom it's fading into black, but i would like to do this to pictures so it slowly faces into complete darkness, or any color really. thanks so much for your time paint experts

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Add a new layer :AddNewLayer:, fill it :PaintBucket: with black and move it below :MoveLayerDown: you picture layer.

Use the gradient tool :GradientTool: set to linear :LinearClampedGradient: transparency mode :AlphaChannelOnly: and do a gradient at the bottom of your picture.

If you press and hold Shift while doing the gradient, you can do a perfectly vertical gradient.

Alternatively, you can draw a black to transparent gradient over your picture starting at the bottom. To do so, set the primary colour as black and the secondary colour opacity to zero.

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I apologise. I should have pointed out that you need to select your picture layer (jusy just click on it in the Layers window) before you apply the transparent gradient.

Always remember that any tools and effects you use, only work on the selected layer.

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ok thanks i figured out now, but it doesnt seem to fade as much as id like it. its light then goes straight into darkness so it still kind of looks like its just a pic cut off . is there settings to control how dark or light the fade is

If it's not dark enough to suit you, do it once (the first time), deselect, then repeat the process again. Also, as he previously pointed out, ensure your primary color is black and the secondary color is totally transparent.


Click on the "More" button on the Color Wheel:


Adjust the slider all the way to the left as shown:


Here's my pics:



First Pass


Second Pass


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