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Crop the background of a cropped picture for use in collages.

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i wonder if anyone here has a solution to my issue. Bassically i want to create a photo collage of pics. I have used the Lasso Select tool to cut out my images in the shapes that i wanted and deleted the remaing background. i then saved the cutout image but the issue i am having is that the canvas (checkerboard) is larger than the picture. I can resize the canvas however the images are not standard shapes and the area fills up with either black or white filling.

When i use Picasa to do the collage the pics that overlap are surround with a border; basically the fill between the image and the canvas.

anyone with any suggestions i would greatly appreciate. so far im loving the tool but trying to get around this is frustrating me as i am very new to the tool.



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While you have the transparent (checkerboard) background, save the image as either png or gif. This will keep the background transparent instead of changing it to white. Those are the only two formats that will retain the transparency. If you save in other file formats the background will automatically change to white.

EDIT: BTW, the png format is the recommended one to use as it is "lossless" and as such will give you better detail in your pictures.

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