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Rotating Image?

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Would it be easier to use java script?

When you do an animated gif, it is quite similar to a cartoon. Each frame is a different pic with adjustments to each succeeding frame to create the motion. All those frames will add up to file size and the more pictures and frames there are the more chances of it running slowly as each individual frame needs to be rendered.

It would seem to me that a few images manipulated via javascript may be more advantageous.

I've only had cursory experience doing animated gifs and javascripts (not writing them, just installing and running them) quite awhile back, so I'm not 100% sure which would be better, but you may wish to look further into it.

Sorry I can't be much better help. Good luck.

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Not to dismiss making anything nifty with PDN ... but you may want to consider something else to lighten the load of the main banner. There are many CSS tricks, JScript, and other methods for doing this that allow you to make modifications without recreating the entire thing each time.

Sounds like a simple slide-show from the description.

Animated gifs have their place mind you in lieu of using flash, etc but this from the brief description doesn't actually sounds like what you need optimally.

Just $.02 on the matter.


Gallery at PDN-Fans

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