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Some question about text

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Basically you need a brush or brushes to create the layer below the text. Either you should download and convert brushes as shown HERE. Or, you should create your own brush by deleting the white from the PDN background, creating a brush image, then saving it as a .png file to preserve the transparent background. Do this first.

Add a new layer. Type your text, and center it with Effects>Object Align. Name this layer Under Text, or Brush, or whatever. I find it helpful to change the color of the Background to something besides the color(s) of the text and underlayment. Unless you already have a particular text you wish to use, may I suggest JF ROCK available at dafont.com.

Duplicate this layer and name it Text. Return to the layer below. Go to Effects>Tools>Custom Brushes Mini. Custom Brushes Mini along with Smudge and Splatter all open another window that only shows the selected layer you wish to work on. Select the brush you want to use as well as its size and the color you wish to use and stamp or paint over the text. When you have this looking as you want click on OK at the bottom right. If you wish to tilt individual letters, I suggest you select, cut and paste each one into a new layer, then use Layers>Rotate/Zoom.

I made this example by twice outlining the Text in a contrasting color at maximum settings (Effects>Object>Object Outline), then selecting the outline only, and cutting and pasting it to a new layer. I moved this layer below the text, then used Smudge. I then used the Recolor Tool to change the smudged, colored outline to black.


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