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Neon effect ...NOT with text

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I came across a great effect in the new Picasa version called Neon. It´s just a color pick and a slider for transparency.

Here is a picture how it looks like...


Any ideas how I can do that the same way in Paint.NET ?.....Thanks

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Well it looks like a black and white original yes? Not sure if it is or really desaturated on that. It may help to throw the original in the mix to be able to help more. It looks like picassa is doing an edge detect of sorts and coloring it. Dont have Picassa handy to run a test to compare on this system atm.

When in doubt post source and conversion ...

Here's a fast and dirty test on a M.Monroe nearly black and white. The effect isn't as strong, but its in the ballpark. Duplicate layer, edge detect, color tint, blend mode additve, merge ...

Original: th_MM_SRC.jpg

Edge Detect Layer: th_MM_OL.jpg

Merged: th_MM_NEON.jpg


Gallery at PDN-Fans

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Ah yes, thats a specific plugin but I like it as it is simple and works for this sort of thing. Plus it tends to color some alpha channel blends etc.

It can be found as part of Ed Harvey's Effects. Its not listed solo as he lumped them all together and they tend to be listed as clumps in the Index to some degree.

Reference to his last pack: Ed Harvey Effects ignore the part in his description about sepia and such for color tint. The tool has a color wheel and is not limited to those set color ranges.

The same thing can be done with Color Balance and Color Balance+ to some degree. But Color Tint is fast and dirty for this sort of thing. Depending on how you go about some of this, the + with highlight, midtone, and shadow coloration range options can be good for fine tuning ...

Full list of available plugins here. Lots of changes over time so there will always appear to be some forms of duplication. But most of these tools/effects/adjustment plugins have their own flavor and purposes for the most part.

**EDIT: I should also mention there are at least 5 different edge detect tools for PDN that could garner different results. I'm thinking on it as I multitask myself around a bit.

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Gallery at PDN-Fans

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  • 2 months later...

Several years ago I had a Mac application (don't remember the name) that had a plug-in named Neon. In one click it would do something similar to Gary007's image, except:

1. Everything in the photo except edges was turned black

2. The "neon tubes" were of varying primary colors, but somehow the plug-in knew which were related and colored them the same.

I saw a daytime photo of a building turned into a realistic simulation of how it would look at night if all the edges were neon tubes.

Is there anything like that for Paint.net?

Thank you.

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