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Filling an object while retaining lines

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Hi all,

Happy New Year!

We've spent time trying to do this for the past couple months. Didn't know (but so relieved to find out today) there are forums for help!

We're trying to change the blue brush stroke below, to orange while retaining the textures: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/24/zen1y.png/

- The attached pic is the closest we've gotten by luck: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/406/zen2o.png/

- we'd like to do away with the darker colors

- and we'd like to actually know what we're doing and be able to repeat it

The orange pic was done on photoshop (not on my computer). Frankly I have no idea how I got to the result. Is this possible on paint.net (the only kind of software installed on my computer)

Thanks guys

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Hi sfvan!

Happy New Year to you too & welcome to the forum.

Recolor tool :RecoloringTool: to the rescue!

1. Set primary color to the shade of orange you want to use.

2. Use color picker tool :ColorPickerTool: to select the shade of blue you want replaced by the orange shade in 1. Edit: This should be set as the secondary color - easily done by picking the color using the right mouse button.

3. Wind the brush width up to 80 or something like that.

4. Wind the tolerance down to around 20%

5. Cover the image in sweeping movements of the mouse with the left button held down.

Repeat steps 1 - 5 for as many shades as you want to recolor.

If you want repeatability, work on a copy of the original image and write down the shades you're using & replacing (click More in the color window & record the 6 digit Hex figures).

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Or you could load the image into PDN then go to ADJUSTMENTS>HUE AND SATURATION and move the hue slider until you get the colour you want.

For more control dl the CONDITIONAL HUE AND SATURATION plug in HERE

Once downloaded unzip with winzip or whatever programme you use and put the .dll file in the effects folder of PDN, this can mormally be found on your c:drive under programme files > Paint net > Effects.

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I got a little confused on the color replacement tool before. EER is spot on on how it can work with a set amount of tolerance to extend the color range a bit there.

Only thing I noted in his expert advice (not meant as a slight, its really expert ...) is that you may get hung up on that tool with how you have to set the secondary color to the source and the primary to one you wish to replace ... or vice versa if you like using the right mouse button more for this sort of thing.

The help file also spells out how to use the CTRL key to help speed up selection of colors to work with. If you are doing multiple passes this is rather helpful.

Help file reference here: Recolor Tool Help File

You may also want to look at this plugin for broad recoloring as it can be a little more fine control than even conditional hue/saturation: Tanel's Color Mixer Plugin

Edited by delpart


Gallery at PDN-Fans

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Slight not taken delpart!

I've amended the instructions I gave to help with color > secondary using the right mouse button with the color picker.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Belated reply. Thanks guys!

- The 1st month of school has been busy! Fortunately.. it's slowing done.

We want to thank you all for your help. A graphic design director has been added onto out team (student club) - can start with this resource.

One other question: is there an online resource that tweaks photos like this (pixlr?): www.poppin.com/team/

- We'll only be doing black & white

- And much less editing

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Sampling: Secondary Color is a new feature of paint.net 4 which is why this thread is (four years) out of date.


Best we leave old threads alone. We can spend our time better reading the paint.net 4 documentation...http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/;)



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