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HDR Plugins

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If HD = HDR then this thread gives the life story of the HD photo plugin:

Note this post in particular: page__view__findpost__p__305252

This plugin is definitely in the Plugin Index Under 'HD' and 'Rick Brewster'

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Hello All,


First of all thank you all for the great effort on bringing Paint.NET to us...

I checked Plugins index September 2014 still cant find a dedicated HDR plugins ..

What i am looking for is to merge 3 different exposures into one HDR image...

Any hints?


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I did this not too long ago. I'm going to assume, since you knew to take 3 exposures, you know what HDR is.

What you have to do is make alpha masks for the top two layers using the Threshold plugin (set to luminosity and use the auto button on median mode). Gaussian blur the masks a whole lot, then after you use them on the layers, use the move tool to line things up if necessary.

EDIT: Also, this thread is two years old. Make a new one if you have any more questions. Thanks!

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