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Filetype plugin using multiple extensions


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I created a filetype plugin for .xcf, .xcfgz, and .xcfbz2. Load and save works fine.

The issue is that I don't know how to allow the user to select (on save) one of the three file extensions (means the type of compression).

Is the only solution to implement three different filetype classes in the plugin?

Any other proposal?

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The default extension is simply the first one you provide. If the user wants to use a different extension, they can type it in the Save dialog. This is how the JPEG handler works, since it needs to support .jpg, .jpe, .jpeg.

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If they are being saved differently, then yes you should create separate classes for each type.

I guess you are right. In the moment this is the best way to do it for the user.

OK, I derived the packed variants from the standard one.

And there are three entries in the file selector.

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