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I have used Paint.Net for a while but only for basic usage. This is my first post on the forum so guide me if I am posting in the wrong area.

I have a picture that was sent to me from someone asking for help to remove the effects of a filter. I can plainly see an area in the picture where the colors are not natural to the picture. My question is how do I remove the extra colors without messing up what was behind them? It appears someone used a blur or smudge filter in this one area. I will be happy to attach the picture but I am not sure if that is proper for the forum.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi tkuhrich,

Welcome to the forum!

Try Effects > Photo > Sharpen :SharpenEffect: with smallish settings.

You can also try cleaning up the image with Effects > Noise > Reduce Noise :ReduceNoiseEffect: . I'd try this option first if you're going to use them both.

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If you want to get more serious, try this plugin: Sharpen+ (Advanced Unsharp Mask) v3.1

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