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Pencil color as eraser

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I'm often creating pixelart pics with transparent background using Pencil and I'd really appreciate, if as a secondary color would be an eraser (left click = drawing, right click = erasing). Is there such thing possible?

I can set some color and using Magic Wand (0 % tolerance) remove it or switching between pencil and eraser by keyboard, but - you know :) it's not so fast 'n' convenient. I tried to search for it here, but I guess I don't have correct keywords...

Thank you!

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Hi mikiquex, welcome to the forum!

1. Press E to activate the Eraser.

2. In the toolbar, set the brush width to one & the anti-aliasing to disabled..

3. Toggle between the Eraser and Pencil with the E and P keys respectively.

Now you can have two colors available (left mouse button = primary & right mouse button = secondary) as well as an eraser!

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...this way you get what you need if I correctly understood you.

Yes, you did :) Thank you! That's exactly what I needed, I've never used the Normal blending/Overwrite toggle and the Overwrite works even better otherwise - sometimes I had hard times to keep the same transparency level using blending. Thank you once again, you've just made my day!

(And if there's such thing, this thread can be locked)

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