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Curious about the checkered thing

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First of all I would like to apologise for the topic title as I am rather new to Paint.NET.

I was just wondering as to whether its possible to keep the checkered base which you get when you remove part of an image or have it transparent to stay in the created image.

I am sure you all know this.


Here is the YouTube background which I have created and wondering if I am able to keep the checkered base or whatever in the image after I have saved it rather than print screening and pasting it back like a jigsaw puzzle.


Thanks in advance.

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Think of the checkered background as empty space. It is a representation of transparency, in other words, it isn't there. You can make your own checkered background using the grid/checkerboard maker plugin.

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Please don't use version 3.36. It is EXTREMELY old, outdated, buggy, and awful. In fact, the rules here on the forum say you can't post unless you're using the latest version (currently v3.5.10).

And where in the world did you find 3.36 anyway?

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Rick is right, update to the latest version. It crashes a lot less & things just work better.

If you want to have the checkerboard look you will have to create it on a new layer. Use this plugin or better still download all of Madjik's plugins.


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