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3d text

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Hi Scr4p M3tal,

Welcome to the forum!

Try Search: http://searchpaint.net/ + 3d text

You'll get loads of hits.

BTW: you might wish to read through the Forum Rules. They are mandatory reading for all forum users ;)

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For more about 3D objects:

Now, cinema 4D uses ray-tracing to make its realistic glossy effects, something paint.net doesn't have.

The basic idea behind making something appear shiny or glossy is to reflect its surroundings, something that is quite difficult to do without a ray-tracer. However, we can mock up shininess by creating variations in the lighting on our objects in ways that trick the brain into thinking it is looking at reflections. That said, there are many different ways you can make "3D glossy text" as there are so many different styles and looks you can produce.

Do you happen to have some sample text with the desired look?

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