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PJC #5


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Paint Job Contest #5!

entry period has begun! start sending in your entries!

Competition goal

Give the object(s) in the given image a new paint job. Any object in said image is fair game as long as we can see what you did, so if you really wish to give a tree in the background flame decals, that's up to you!

PJC Rules

• You are NOT allowed to add or remove parts of the photo. As mentioned in the competition goal, you are giving an existing and visible object in the image a new "skin" or "paint job." Any violators will be shot and survivors prosecuted.

• Minimum size is 80% of the theme image. (size limit liable to change depending on original image size)

Submission Rules

• All entries must be submitted to me in a PM.

• Do no post your entries(s) in this thread!

• Do not post your entries(s) in your gallery or any other gallery until this comp is over!

• I will post your entries(s) in the topic, that is the only time your image should be seen before the voting begins.

• Do not sign your entry or put any kind of identifiable marker or logo in your image that people will link to you.

• You may post your entry on any other website where you are a member

(i.e. Deviant Art, PdN Fans Forum, Facebook or any other forum or website, just not on this website until the comp has concluded.)

• NO PLACEHOLDERS! Do not send an entry until it is a finished product. NO WIPS (works in progress) !

• No images previously submitted will be allowed.

Unfortunately, I'm not Possum, but I still reserve the right to add to the rules as people do things to annoy me.:P


Selected by: AGJM

The competition winner has the opportunity to pick the next competition image, but I won't stick them to it. If you do decide to pick a new image, please make sure there is an obviously "intended" object to repaint. Also, make sure the image is relatively large to ensure picture quality.

TIME LIMIT: 2 weeks

This thread is for entries only! If you want to discuss this comp, please go to the discussion thread here

The entry period for this competition runs through Friday January 6 January 20 Monday January 23, 2012 3:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.

Late entries before I close the competition will be accepted

Credits to...

~AirbusA340 for the idea

~PossumRoadkill 'cuz I copied most of his contest rules ^_^

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<moved to poll>

Entry period has been extended. Keep sending in those entries!

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We have a tie for first place, at the moment (a three-way for first earlier), so if nobody is in the lead on 2-11-12, we'll call it a tie and start the next competition!

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Sorry, again, for the late competition update. Thanks to all who decided to join us, and congratz to our winners! Since we have a tie for first place, there will be no third place award.

1st place:




2nd place:


Great work, everyone! I'll get to work on starting up the next competition!

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