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Is there a way to Shift Pixels by a specified amount?

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Often, especially when I'm working with screenshots, I'd like to be able to set the canvas size, and then paste in a larger image and move it to a specific point. This would allow me to automatically cut out the Windows portion of the screenshot, menu bars, scroll bars, whatever, while still keeping the actually interesting pixels in the same place from screenshot to screenshot.

In the past, what I've done is essentially to create a selection mask:


  • Paste the image into the background
  • Create a 2nd layer
  • Select over the interesting pixels on the image in the 2nd layer
  • Invert the selection in the 2nd layer and fill it with a solid color


  • Make a magic wand selection of the un-colored pixels in the 2nd layer
  • Switch to the background and copy the selection to the clipboard
  • Work with the copied pixels (in another Paint.Net window, or another program)
  • Paste the next image into the background
  • Switch to the 2nd layer

Because of the manner in which Paint.Net handles the canvas, this workflow would be greatly simplified if I could programmatically move pixels:


  • Select the interesting pixels in the first image
  • Crop to Selection


  • Work with the pixels remaining on the canvas
  • Paste the next image (select "Keep Canvas Size")
  • Shift Pixels so that the interesting portion of the image is on the canvas

I looked through the entire menu structure in 3.5.10 several times, and didn't see anything that would obviously produce this transformation. I'm aware of the Ctrl+<arrow> method for moving by 10px, which is certainly better than just using the arrow keys. And I've seen references to the Panelling effect plugin which performs a similar function, but (without having tried it) I expect it would not produce the desired effect if I wanted to create negative/empty space on one or two sides of the shifted pixels, or if one of my images was smaller than the total desired area.

Is this already available in Paint.Net, and I just missed it? Or is there a plugin that accomplishes this specific transformation without additional side effects?

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I'm having a terrible time following what exactly you are trying to do. So...from what I can tell, you are looking for some way to "repeat shift pixels".

If that is the case, you missed it by the tiniest bit. Panelling is, I believe, what you are looking for. Paste the object onto a new layer and repeat panelling to move the object the same distance as the previous time you used it.

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you will need to open the screenshot in a different picture-import will not work

set your canvas size, copy the screen shot that is in a different picture- paste screenshot into picture -DO NOT expand canvas ..it will bring it up with the 'move selected pixels' tool already active, you will then be able to move the whole of the SS around until just the portion you want is in the vissible area- you wont be able to change this later

as an alternitive --if you make a sellection you dont have to do that whole invert and fill thing, just hit Ctrl-C to copy what is selected- remember you can set a selection byfixed ratio and fixed size not just by the normal means, yuou can also move/modify the selectionusing the 'move selection' tool- white arrow in the tool bar


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When I'm using screenshots I paste them into a new image full sized. It is a matter of moments to make a rectangular selection around the bits I want and hit CTRL + Shift + X to crop to the selection.

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