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Circle/Spiral like gradient?

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Hi, I'm wondering how I could make like a spiral/circle gradient(not sure if that's correct...)? Say you have a circle with 1 quarter cut out(bottom right)like this image:


How would I make a white to black gradient following the red path from point A to B? I'm not sure how I would do this.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

P.S: I'm needing this for a game I'm making in Unity3D, it's sorta like Jak and Daxter's eco meter.

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Using yellowman's answer, I found that you get quite a good result if you create your B&W gradient with the black on the left hand side. Then run the effect using an angle of -180


Crop the image to a circle based on the central point.


Finally, you'll see that the finish point of the dark side of the gradient is not quite 270 degrees from the white start point. You can fine tune that using Adjustments > Brightness / Contrast

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Water Chicken wants the gradient to extend 270 degrees. How do we get that option with conical gradient?

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