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Help, very new with this.

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How do I get started from scratch? I visit a forum where we talk about our dogs and everyone has the cutest pictures of their dogs in christmas scenery. I asked about how they do it and they directed me here, but I am lost as goose as how to even get started, can someone please help, I am very anxious to learn about all this.

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OK, first you'll need to download and install the graphics program Paint.NET

Go to http://www.getpaint.net and click the download link.

Once you've done that, play with it for a while and then come back here and post your specific questions.

Welcome to this board!

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Okay here is the picture. I visit spoiledmaltese.com the forum, in the picture post, they all have pictures of their dogs with these christmas sceneries. I want to learn who to do this. I know this is probably very simple to you, but for someone like me who's just learning, I feel very stupid!! Please help. Thanks so much.


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Well, looking through the Tutorials section...

Here's a tutorial on Changing a picture's background. Start with this one and use it to make several pictures. Then...

Here's a tutorial on Making an animated GIF with Paint.NET. Use this to make your slide show.

Hope this helps!

BTW, you have a lot of work ahead of you, but don't be discouraged. You will learn a lot along the way. If you get stuck at a certain point, post up the picture and someone will try to help you.

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Perhaps I misunderstood the demand...

From two pictures you want to create some cuts for funny picture.

I did this a long time ago (so not with Paint.net) but the technic is the same. Even easier if you use the layer.



Can't find the model2...

And the result is:


To achieve that you have to "cut" and adapt each parts together.

Use one layer per part. It's allow you to feather the edges to move up/down the parts...

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