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Copy and Paste between windows


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I would appreciate help. I have two drawings (plans of a building) open in separate windows and want to copy parts from one to the other. I am having trouble. What is the precise proceedure? I managed to do it last week sometimes but not always - the "nubs" didn't always appear.

I downloaded the latest update of Paint.net last night and this morning cannot do it successfully at all. I need to be able to move a section and resize in the new window to make a good fit.

By the way the cursor artefacts are still appearing.

Many Thanks

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Now that is strange. I just tried it myself, and I get the handles every time.

The reason why it's strange is because I had actually experienced your error with v2.2 Alpha 2: when I pasted a copied selection, sometimes I got the handles, but most of the time I did not. The solution then was to click on a Selection tool, then change back to the Move tool, and the handles would show themselves. From what I've seen in v2.5 Alpha 3, when a selection is pasted, if the Move tool is not already selected, PDN switches to it automatically for you, and the handles show up.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help, but I cannot replicate your error to try and find a solution.


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Alpha 3 should fix up almost all of the selection related weirdness, like Dan pointed out. There is one other issue that the next release will fix, but it is less discoverable. And then there's some precision and rendering issues I need to work out.

Anyway, Garland, I also cannot reproduce the error that you're reporting. This is what I did:

1. Opened Paint.NET.

2. File->New Window

3. In the first copy of Paint.NET, I opened an image.

4. Then I selected an area using the Rectangle Select tool.

5. Then I pressed Ctrl+C to copy it.

6. I switched over to the 2nd copy of Paint.NET and pasted with Ctrl+V

7. It pasted fine and had the 'nubs' just fine.

Is there any difference between this and what you're doing? Also, how large is the data you're copying, in pixels? Is it 100x100, 1000x1000, really large, really small, or ... ?

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Thank you for the replies and comment. I have tried again and have now been successful. I think the problems have been due to whether or not a new Layer was present. I have files of differing formats open e.g .TIf and Paint.net.

I am not experienced in using Layers and I think there is a need for rather more Help on these sorts of topics for occasional users please. For instance I didnt understand for quite while that in order to have two or more images open on the screen at once that you had to open in a new window. My current problem is how to make two different plans exactly the same size when they are printed out.

Anyway (provided this message gets through - the Forum system wouldn't let me use my registered name last time I tried!) many thanks to you both..

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