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How would you translate/exchange this 3D text?

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First you need to remove the old text and try recreating the cover behind where the text was.


In the image here I used the move tool to stretch out the background to cover the bits where the text was.

Next I used the Smudge plugin to blur any harsh edges. If you look closely you'll see these areas - you should try harder (and for longer) to get them to blend away.

Finally I recreated the corner gradient in a new layer - it looks a bit strong - but you should get the idea. Clip off the excess gradient so it doesn't overlap the spine or top.

The text should then be written to a it's own layer (one layer for each text style).

Use the move tool and right button to rotate the text into approximate position.

Play with the Bulge tool to warp the text to make it appear like it follows the curve of the page.


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