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To make a certain area transparent

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Hello everybody,

could you please give me a hint or a helpful link, how I can change the status of a certain area to transparent?

I know, I can change the "Transparency Alpha" in the colour box, but on screen is still displayed the color. Worse, I need a transparent area for an RPG Maker, and this program doesn't take said area as transparent besides the setting in Paint.net.

May be that question was asked before, but I couldn't find anything for exact this topic.

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1. Use the magic wand :MagicWandTool: to select the area you want.

2. Press delete.

The checkerboard you see is Paint.net's method of showing transparency. In order to preserve the transparent areas, you need to save the file in a format that supports transparency (like PNG or GIF, not JPG).

Tip#1: multiple areas can be 'added' to the current selection by holding down the CTRL key.

Tip#2: fine tune the selection area(s) by adjusting the tolerance of the wand (slider in the toolbar when the wand is the active tool).

Welcome to the forum!

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