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Colors changing when loading Tonemapped HDR/Raw Files


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I've been using PDN for a while now, and I use it a lot to edit my HDR's a bit further. But I've noticed with some Tonemapped pictures ( ones from Raw files, wether multiple or 1 image) Get very dulled and even their hue changed when i load them into Paint.net. I understand with Raws changing when loading, but I dont get it with the final jpg. I've done Tone Mapping with just 1 jpg and 11 that all turn out fine when loaded in, and brought them into PDN before with no problem, but it seems like anything converted from the raw .NEF file doesn't keep the correct color.

Here's a preview of the same image loaded in Photomatix, Windows photo gallery and Paint.net http://img851.images...differencei.png

Turns out it was the color space. Apprently paint.net can't handle ProPhoto color space. So just go with the regular sRGB.

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