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Button Translation - Step by Step Help please

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hope someone is around to help me here

need to change the button language quickly (whenever you need a pro they don't answer ;) ), but my attempts never look so good as the original

this is the button download-now_PNG_04.png

I need it to say "Jetzt Kaufen!", with the same text style ...

I can delete the text and type something, but it never looks any pro ...

any quick tips?



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Create a new button using this tutorial: http://forums.getpai...-glass-buttons/

Try different fonts until you find one you think is the same

... Arial Black in italics could be similar

great!!!!! Thank you!!

will directly start to work with this...

is there a trick to remove the text/refill the removed parts without me putting a big square "bandaid" yellow over it?

if not, how can I find the exact same surtrounding color? is there a plugin?

sorry for all these questions, but this is what I bump into often lately...

Thanks again!!


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Personally, I think you're better off starting afresh following the linked to tutorial and making your own - but if you want to patch that one up there's the colour picker tool in the tools window that will find the yellows. Bear in mind the glossy look of the one you want to 'repair' so you'll need to find both yellow shades and use a linear gradient

Thanks Welsh,

with your help I was easily able to get very satisfying results



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