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(Real) Neon Text..

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Hello, I once saw a gimp text that looks neon, And since i'm a Paint.Net lover , i created it in :)

Note: This has nothing to do with the other Neon Text That is locked here, alright?

You'll be making this:


Plugins Needed :

Feather Plugin From BoltBait's plugin Pack,


Step 1 :

1- Start with a Black Background

2- Create a new Layer , Name it "Text"

3- On the "Text" layer , write sometext in brightest Green

4- Copy it and keep the copy .

5- Apply Gaussian Blur at 20/25

6- Set The layer Opacity To 180

-So far you should have this:



7- Create a New layer, Paste in The text you copied

8- Using curves at the very top left , It'll be White

9- Apply median at Radius 5 , Percentile 0

10- Apply Feather At 5

You have this now:



11- Create a new layer

12- Paste the text again (if you don't have it don't panic , just rewrite it at the same size)

13-Apply feather Again

14-Ste the layer blending mode to Screen


Now you have th basic neon Text , These stuff will be optional to add :


15-Create another Layer under them (Above the background layer), Call it "Glow"

16- Apply Gaussian blur at 35/60

17- Lower the opacity of the layer to your own liking, i made it at 200



18-Follow The Same Steps To Create a Neon tube..


19-Stick it under your Text and ,Flatten the images


Hope to listen to your comments, Also if i was doing something wrong, please tell me


You can have the PDN files here too :)

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I'm sorry but as new user doing stuff like this, this was not specific enough. Please consider in the future making your tutorials more detailed


My main problem was I had no idea where to find certain things like Median. You told me to use this feature but gave me no indication what menu to look under. So I had to go through every drop down menu to find where this was at. The lack of detail was also very frustrating because several times the steps were not clear enough and I ended up having to stop and redo the whole thing from scracth. Please don't give me the excuse that your english isn't very good, that's not an excuse. If you can't detail a tutorial very well, your going to lead a lot of people into confusion.

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There's nothing misleading in this tutorial unless you're not familiar with the elementary concepts of the program, in which case any tutorial will be hard to follow.


Tutorials are not supposed to teach the very basics. To that effect, one may ask specific questions on the Discussion and Questions section of the forum after having read the help files —which are indeed intended to teach the very basics. Following a tutorial implies a basic previous understanding of the Paint.NET interface, such as where the built-in effects are located and how to work with the program's elementary tools and features.

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Xiagax, welcome to the forum. 


Some tutorials are designed for very much beginners & are listed under that umbrella. This is a text effects tute & as Maximilian rightly pointed out, the writer was under no obligation to take the user through each minute step.


Tutorials are designed to help you LEARN. You learnt where to find things didn't you? Bet you don't forget it in a hurry. 


We have many users here whose native language is not English. It is an excuse & an opportunity for other users to assist with constructive feedback not rudeness. 


Tutorial writers & other users like to see the outcomes of completed tutes. We'd love to see yours. 

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Xiagax, welcome to this forum.


As a non English speaker I also find your comment not just just rude but demeaning. Please be constructive when posting future comments.


By the way, Median is a noise plugin  :mrred: effect that can be found under effects.

Edited by Eli
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