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Scan in acquire is greyed out

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Some scanners require that you install special software or drivers so that they can be accessed by programs that use WIA to scan with them. Paint.NET uses WIA, and not TWAIN, to acquire images from scanners and cameras.

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I didn't say it was hard. I said we chose WIA for simplicity, which is not the same as saying "WIA is easy, TWAIN is hard."

Understood, given the historic use of TWAIN, and scanner companies reliance on TWAIN, what can we do if only TWAIN drivers are provided by the scanner company, in other words how does one get WIA drivers? Case in point, I have a Mustek A3 USB flatbed scanner and I have not found WIA drivers for it. I know that Paint.Net is a freeware program and that is wonderful, but wouldn't you want to make your product work with more scanners that are on the market?



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Hi, Fyrebaugh! Welcome to the forum.

This thread has been dead for over 6 years. We have a rule against bumping very old threads, as most of the time the information is no longer relevant. If you'd like to discuss getting your scanner working, you should open a new thread. Thanks :)



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