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Which camera should I get?


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Well , If you ask for the best of these two , Then I'll say Canon EOS Rebel T2i , this will be your option if you don't care about money .. But if i was you , i'd buy a Nikon D3100 , As it's really a good one , not better Than Canon actually , But it's Cheaper .. I know this didn't really help a lot , But : IF the money doesn't matter , Then buy The Canon :)

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Everyone talking about price...didn't you say they were both in a similar price range? :)

As for me, I'd go with the Canon. They have (from what I've heard) better support for alternate lenses, etc.


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Canon, most definitely. I only have Canon cameras--my older brothers did the research and I trust their judgment and choices (for the most part). By the way, they're cheaper online, unless you prefer buying at a physical location.

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Well, my plans had to change.

Unfortunatly, my son spilled an entire 16oz Mt. Dew soda directly into my old laptop.

I was able to save the SSD, but the rest of the machine was a dripping sticky mess. :(

I took the money I had set aside for a camera and replaced my laptop.

I replaced it with this one:

Toshiba Ultrabook plus and external USB Blu-Ray player/DVD burner.

Oh well, at least I have a new laptop. :)

EDIT: Does anyone have a suggestion for free DVD authoring software? I'd like to take some of these movies I've filmed with my iPod and digital camera, edit them in Windows Movie Maker (or other software?) and burn them to DVD with chapters and menus, etc. Suggestions, anyone?

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To be honest the only ones I've tried are Windows Movie Maker + Windows DVD Maker . They do the job simply and cleanly. Burning the finished movie to DVD with Windows DVD Maker (and adding the menus) was easier that editing the movie.

The first time I started using the applications I had something reasonable after only 30 minutes. Complete with an animated DVD menu, intro and a 45 minute clip from a colleagues camera.

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