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Trefoil Gallery [INAUGURATION DAY]


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Ladies and gentlemen, behold and welcome to the Trefoil Gallery!

In this gallery one can basically find almost all my Paint.NET creations. I could still be considered a beginner when it comes to Paint.NET, so one can say I crave for constructive and helpful criticism which I hope will help me improve my work and become part of the community. I use no other software than Paint.NET though I do make usage of stock files for renders or textures sometimes.

The gallery is free to visit (until I can apply some pay-per-click scheme to this thr-oops, nevermind!) though constructive criticism is encouraged vividly.


27/11/11 - Gallery launched! I inaugurated the gallery by uploading all the jewels I made thanks to Barbieq's tutorial, all the contributions to the Pepper Spraying Cop meme I've ever done and two sigs. The gallery does need to be restructured and organized badly, please don't mind that. Anyway

free cake for everyone!


PASTICHES/PARODIES - In which I contribute to memes or imitate notorious imagery.



Battlefield: Occupy Davis


Davis: Love, Undying.


John Pike, KPA policeman in 2027

JEWELS - My creations with BarbieQ's Jewel tutorial and other experiments.







SIGS - Self-explanatory.




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Trefoil gallery is off to a great start...

Your jewels are beautiful, the gold and silver work as well as the insets are clean and crisp, your Star of David design (my fav) is intriguing.

The light reflection on the first three jewels appear to be serrated around the edges. Ed Harvey's true blur or BoltBait's feather object should remedy that.

Nice job on the sigs and parodies too.

My gallery will soon be posted, I encourage you to drop by and tell me what you think.

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A great start to your gallery!

I wouldn't worry too much about the organisation at this stage. Chronological works well.

I used to have mine organised so that the new works were on top & then I put everything in a subsection using the hide function & a title bar for each category. That has long since gone with the migration to the new forum a good while back.

Anyway, good to see all of your ideas in one place. A pleasure to visit your gallery.

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Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Thanks everyone for being there on "inauguration day"! The gallery seems to be indeed off to a great start. :D

@Jaxon: Yeah, I did use True Blur to de-serrate the reflection, I guess I'll have to use more next time :) Can't wait to see your gallery too!

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