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Important and sensible/reasonable proposal (please see detail in the subject line)

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Good day, comrades!

I am very pleased with your program and I think its individual contribution to society.

Especially greet diligence in its design and accessibility to people!

I really hope its productive development, and more!

And I share the expectation that they will develop new levels of program and output itin principle to new levels.!


Please Take a serious reflection on the proposal term development of an additional set of tools and optimizing the implementation of their "host" environment.

Already there are good tools to pirochild, enter them into the base of their locationand optimize to the following versions and in the next version ...


Thank you I hope my request podderzhut and it does not remain without attention.

With a big hello to you from the Ukraine and with best wishes.

Sincerely, Paul.

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It appears you are most sensibly proposing to implement existing tools, or, as we are inclined to refer to them, plugins into the current interface of this incredible program brought to us by the most generous of persons. As useful as such a proposal might be, my personal preference would be that these plugins be allowed to interact with multiple layers. If such a thing were allowed, plugin developers could then make these tools in a way which allows users to preview their work while they make their designs. For example, we would then be able to view the final version of the image as we smudge it. In this way, Rick would not need to implement these tools in order to render them easier to use. Rather, developers like pyrochild could design them that way to begin with.

tl;dr I propose, as an alternative, that plugins have an option to "see" the final version of the image instead of just the layer they are changing

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