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Vortex (no plugins)

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This is my first tutorial so please, don't get all mad and stuff if I do something wrong.

I'm going to show you how to make this


Or this


It depends on how far you choose to go.

1. Make a new sheet of any size. I chose 800x600.

2. Make a radial gradient with white in the center, like this


3. Effects-Render-Clouds

Scale = 52

Roughness = .84

Blend mode = Reflect


4. Effects-Blurs-Unfocus

Radius = 4


5. Effects-Blurs-Surface Blur

Radius = 100

Threshold = 100

6. Effects-Distort-Bulge -200


7. Effects-Distort-Twist

Amount = 20.48

Size = 2.00

8. Adjustments-Curves-RGB

Now really on this part you can make it any color you want. I went with this:



If you're happy with what you have now, you can stop here. If you think you're up for MORE, keep reading.

8. Layers-Duplicate Layer

9.Make the new layers blend mode Screen

10. Effects-Distort-Twist

Amount = -27.48

Size = 2.00

These next few steps are optional, but I think they make the picture look better.

11. Adjustments-Brightness/Contrast

Brightness = 6

Contrast = 14

12. Effects-Photo-Sharpen 20

Do this 3 times.

13. Go down to the bottom layer and repeat 12

14. Layers-Merge Layer Down


And you're done!

Play around with it and see what you get!

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Not only your first tutorial - your first post as well! Welcome to the forum bkworm.

This is a nice effect - that bears a striking resemblance to this tutorial:

I'm guessing that you were heavily influenced by the original. Yes? If this is the case you should acknowledge the original author as a minimum.

Your tutorial produces a sufficiently different result, so I'm going to leave it and allow others to comment on its merits.

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