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create a mask for a sprite(.bmp)?

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Hi PDN fans this is my 1st post and i was wondering if this can be done in my favourite image editor...?

I need a easy way to mask a .bmp(sprite) image like this...


to this a sprite with mask...


I was just wondering is there is any plug-in to achieve this ? The reason why is im trying to make a game in Just BASIC and i would love to do all sprites in PDN.


evol <--Spell it backwards ;)

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As far as creating the mask itself I think would be relatively easy. Open the image in PDN, then invert it. Since you would have an inverted smiley in the center, use the paintbucket to fill in the eyes and smile so the color will match with the circle, then with the magic wand select the outer perimeter of the circle, then grab the eraser and erase the area so it will be transparent. Then save it. I think using this method would probably be the quickest as you won't be messing around with resizing things. The center will be the same size as the smiley which is what you are probably wanting.

Also, you may wish to take a look at the plugin here:


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if all of your bitmaps will have black backgrounds, I would use threshold, then clean up with the paintbrush or pencil. (invert colors if necessary)

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