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New guy on the block


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Hello Everyone,

I'm Jaxon from Oregon, been dabbling with PDN off and on for about three years. Decided to get serious three months ago and started hanging out in the tutorials.

My thanks to all of the tutorial authors and to the whole PDN community for creating and sharing this outstanding program. I truly enjoy the challenge of starting something in 2D and ending with a 3D finish.

A special thanks goes to welshblue, for his Improved Quick Spanner/Wrench tutorial (page 3 of Creations Tutorials). His inspiration led me to this.


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Just go to the Pictorium section and start a new thread. This will be your gallery from now on where you post any images for people to see.


So simple it plumb evaded me, thanks; starting a gallery is at the top of my list

Hi Jaxon & welcome to the forum. I really like your avvie & the sig too.

That really is a mean looking spanner. Well done!

I've always felt that your sig is the most elegant and I really admire the beautiful work you do. Also, I enjoyed your fantastic jewel tut.

Glad you like my work and thanks for the feed-back.

Hi Jaxon. Welcome to the wonderful world of pdn The tutorials have help me (I think) to create and manipulate some great images for me and my family, support here is 100%. I look forward to some of your pitures on here.


Great spanner, very realistic.

Yes, the tutorials have helped me as well. Can't say enough good things about the tutorial authors, plug-in authors as well.

Thanks for the welcome and the compliment on my wrench. Now if you'll excuse me , I got to get cracking on my gallery.

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Hey, Jaxon, and welcome!

I'd like to point you to the Introduction thread, pinned to the top of the Grand Theory of Everything forum, to introduce yourself in. :) Thanks!


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