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Individual opacity

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Hello 'penguin625',

There are 2 plugins which I know of that can do this.

1. Boltbait's transparency plugin - in his pack (and is found under Adjustments) - good for simply changing the transparency.

2. My 'Tweak transparency' plugin, in my pack (under effects/transparency) - complicated to use, but can change the transparency and the shading of a selection in many ways, based upon comparing the blurred values to the original ones. - That's probably as clear as mud! :P

If you look in EEr's plugin index you should be able to find links to both.

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Or you could do this (with selection active...)

1. CTRL+C (copy)

2. Delete key

3. Add new layer pdn35icons.MenuLayersAddNewLayerIcon.png

4. CTRL+V (paste)

5. Press F4

6. Lower opacity slider to suit

7. Merge new layer down pdn35icons.MenuLayersMergeLayerDownIcon.png

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