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Point me to a tutorial...

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I want to be able to re-use an existing image, say, just changing the text on it but keep the same shape/color/etc of everything. Such as take the Paint.net image but make it Chris.net.

Another is how to best morph two images and make it realistic, like the head of a person on another person's body.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks Buzzkill, that helped a lot. Thought i scanned all of the tuts but guess i missed this one.

As for simply entering new text on an image but keeping everything else the same, a friend told me you need to basically recreate a new image from scratch and try and copy it. Is that true? Or is there a way to take a gif/png/whatever and strip it out in to layers or to make a layer of everything but the text and then just do a layer with a closer impersonation of the original font? Yes, newbie so sorry if these questions are too simp for people.

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LOL! Yes, it is for a work presentation actually. But take for instance your sig and I just wanted to remove your text about the dominos and change it to say "Throw me a Frickin' Bone" (yes, bad pun but didn't want to think too long) instead.

Not asking for step by step detail if it's too much but maybe just the techniques or tuts to view.

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