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Alpha Mask the Right Tool?

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An image of a tree with fine branches in winter against a sky I want to darken. My goal is to create a duplicate layer of the image to darken but where the tree is transparent so I can put the darkened layer on top of the orignal image with an undarkened tree. Before my computer crashed, I used a plugin for this called, I thought, Alpha Mask. In this example, by selecting a spot on the tree I could make either everything the color of the tree or everything not disappear into transparency. But I can't seem to find the plugin now. I did look at the index of plugins and found some listings under Alpha, but none are described as the tool I need here (best I can tell). Thanks in advance for any help.

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I'm not quite sure what you are trying to say, but I can explain what alpha mask does...

Basically, alpha mask takes the value, or brightness, of each pixel in the sample image (the one you are using as a mask) and sets the transparency of the corresponding image based on that value. Simply put, dark means more transparent and bright means more opaque (or vice-versa if you check a box)

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